Where is escort radar located?

Missoula, MT 59802 · Aspen Sound. The new M2 radar-mounted smart dash cam helps protect your driving by pairing it with your compatible Escort radar detector. When it comes to premium radar detectors and laser detection solutions, Escort products top the list. Create a complete driver alert system by pairing the M2 smart dash cam with your compatible Escort radar detector.

The award-winning radar detection app Escort Live offers you the most advanced real-time ticket protection on the road. Find a best price advertised online for any current ESCORT premium portable radar model and we will match it within 30 days of purchase. Only advanced users who know what radar frequencies are used in their area should try to disable radar band segments. The redesigned SOLO S4 radar detector provides long-range warning on all radar bands, including conventional and instantaneous X-band, K-band and superwide Ka-band.

Whether you want a forward-facing solution or you want radar detection and laser displacement on the front and rear of your vehicle, a custom-installed Escort product is the perfect solution. Autolearn uses the GPS function to identify false radar sources and memorizes the location and frequency of each radar signal. Whether it's a portable radar detector for business trips and vacations or a customized solution for those looking for the best, Escort products deliver the features and performance that driving enthusiasts rely on.

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