What are escort laser shifters?

ESCORT ZR5 Laser Scroller The ESCORT ZR5 is the most advanced defense against most laser threats, including variable pulse rate guns. Even better, the ZR5 laser changer can be used independently or in conjunction with the selected Escort radar detectors* for maximum protection while driving. The Escort Laser ShifterPro jammer transceiver measures 3.1 inches wide, 1.0 inches deep and 0.625 inches high. A waterproof DIN connector on each jammer cable allows you to replace a transceiver without having to spend a day starting a vehicle's system.

Find a best price advertised online for any current ESCORT premium portable radar model and we will match it within 30 days of purchase. The Escort ZR5 is the most advanced Escort laser blocker ever offered by Escort and is positioning itself to be the most effective and efficient laser blocker on the market. Few understand the differences between LIDAR and RADAR technologies and many assume that a laser beam easily passes through plastic, just like microwave radar. As an authorized dealer of all Escort products, your Escort ZR5 comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

The ZR5 can be used independently or in conjunction with selected ESCORT radar detectors* for maximum driving protection. The Escort Laser ShifterPro offers bulletproof laser protection, elevating Escort to the leader in its class as the best laser blocker we've ever tested.

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