Does escort radar ship to canada?

KMPH is a renowned Canadian supplier of Escort radars authorized by Cedar Electronics (Escort Radar USA), and we have all the right models for the Canadian market. Buy with confidence, as all Escort radar detectors come with a 1-year Canadian warranty. Need help choosing the right detector? No problem. Give us a call, send us an email or use the live chat support and our specialist will help you choose one according to your budget.

We also have FAQs and buyer's guide available. If the budget isn't in your vocabulary, you simply can't go wrong with Escort Redline 360c. This beast of a radar detector has no interest in simulating the black box aesthetic of its front-line competition. Instead, it is elegant with interesting contours and, in addition, it is a lot of machinery to start.

It is mounted on the windshield by means of a magnetic attachment point that is as powerful and safe as it is easy to detach when you want to store the device away from prying eyes. Escort holds patents on the design of GPS Truelock, a creative way to eliminate false alerts, Total-Shield that makes a radar detector undetectable, and high-definition DSP that makes a detector much more responsive. Now radar detectors are a mix of technologies such as GPS, laser detection, filtering algorithms, cloud data and, yes, good old-fashioned radar detection, with the goal of achieving the same thing. The redesigned SOLO S4 radar detector provides long-range warning on all radar bands, including conventional and instantaneous X-band, K-band and superwide Ka-band.

Autolearn uses the GPS function to identify false radar sources and memorizes the location and frequency of each radar signal. Like the Valentine One and the Uniden R7, the Escort radar detector is directional and features four LED arrows around the front perimeter of the device that indicate if the signals are coming from the front, side or rear. The radar's detection range is also impressive and works especially well at the 34.7 GHz frequency of the Ka band, according to Vortex Radar. Only advanced users who know what radar frequencies are used in their area should try to disable radar band segments.

Find a best price advertised online for any current ESCORT premium portable radar model and we will match it within 30 days of purchase. Radar detectors detect this scattered radiation and can identify it as the type of radiation that is likely to have originated from speed control radar. The award-winning radar detection app Escort Live offers you the most advanced real-time ticket protection on the road. While the radar-lidar combination varies by location, in Seattle, where it performs extensive testing of radar detectors and laser jammers, estimates that radar usage is around 90%.

Create a complete driver alert system by pairing the M2 smart dash cam with your compatible Escort radar detector. While the application is proprietary, unlike Valentine's open API implementation, it does allow you to access the minds of Escort and Cobra radar users. The new M2 radar-mounted smart dash cam helps protect your driving by pairing it with your compatible Escort radar detector. The main advantage of a remote radar detector is superior aesthetics, and the Max Ci is an attractive package combined with the best Escort technology.

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