Does escort ixc detect laser?

The Escort Passport iXc is a basic Escort with GPS technology used by high-end radar detectors to reduce false alarms. The Escort iXc radar detector is one of the intelligent radar laser detectors that can be your ticket protection in real time. You also can't go wrong if you opt for any of the Escort radar detectors. The Escort iX radar detector is somewhere in the middle of the Escort radar detector line.

If you are looking for an intelligent radar detector with an exceptional range that will save you money, the companion iXC is a great option that will help you avoid speeding tickets. Thanks to sensors, early warning detection, which is available on the Escort iX radar detector, will provide you with a quick response, leaving you more time to react to an alert. The Uniden DFR7 and Uniden R3 radar detectors are up to be the most popular radar detectors on the market. Find a best price advertised online for any current ESCORT premium portable radar model and we will match it within 30 days of purchase.

You will always receive the most advanced warnings thanks to the DSP technology used in the Escort iX radar detector. The Escort Passport iXC benefits from software that automatically recognizes and ignores non-police radars.

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