Does escort have a laser jammer?

The Escort ZR5 is the most advanced Escort laser blocker ever offered by Escort and is positioning itself to be the most effective and efficient laser blocker on the market. The Escort ZR5 replaces the discontinued Laser ShifterPro and is designed to combat police laser guns. The Escort Laser ShifterPro jammer transceiver measures 3.1 inches wide, 1.0 inches deep and 0.625 inches high. A waterproof DIN connector on each jammer cable allows you to replace a transceiver without having to spend a day starting a vehicle's system.

The recently introduced TMG Alpha-15 is the newcomer to the laser interference market and has taken it by surprise. TMG has proven that they are at least as capable as the ALP laser blocker and at a significantly lower cost, making them my pick from the list. In partnership with RadarBusters, we extensively tested the TMG laser jammers both when used as a stand-alone system and in combination with the Stealth Veil coating and were very impressed. Since then, TMG has further updated its jamming algorithms to make them even more effective against the most lethal police variable-pulse rate lasers, including the powerful Stalker RLR police laser.

And despite its focus on performance below 1000, 500 or even 250 feet, police lidar is more lethal for driving longer distances, such as when you can't even spot the officer. The police laser was designed to target specific vehicles at a much greater distance than the police radar. That's what they were created for in the first place. I have driven in states (such as MD, where I have been routinely searched at distances of 2400 feet or more).

In fact, newer lasers are designed to measure speeds over 4000 feet and some even come with telephoto lenses to do so easily. The laser changers and radar detectors can work together when wired, but as long as the laser changers are mounted on the outside of the vehicle, a radar detector will remain inside the vehicle. Few understand the differences between LIDAR and RADAR technologies and many assume that a laser beam easily passes through plastic, just like microwave radar. The ESCORT MAX Ci features front radar detection and front laser changers that protect drivers from all speed monitoring devices.

The Escort Laser ShifterPro offers bulletproof laser protection, elevating Escort to the leader in its class as the best laser blocker we've ever tested. The ESCORT MAX Ci 360 features front %26 rear radar detection, as well as front %26 rear laser changers that protect drivers against all speed monitoring devices. Even better, the ZR5 laser changer can be used independently or in conjunction with the selected Escort radar detectors* for maximum protection while driving.

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