Can Radar Detectors Also Detect Laser?

Radar detectors are great for alerting you to police radar, but they are almost useless when it comes to detecting laser. While radar detectors can technically detect lasers, they rarely provide an early warning and are not reliable for avoiding a laser ticket. For true laser protection, you will need to purchase a laser blocker. Before laser alerts, radar detectors only detected police activity in the X, K, Ka or Ku bands.

Today, most modern detectors come with a laser alert function that detects when police use laser technology to catch speedsters. It's worth noting that police are no longer just dependent on radar, but some speed traps use lasers. Some radar detectors even have built-in laser blockers, but this can have unexpected legal consequences. A laser jammer detects a police laser beam, decodes the signal and transmits a response.

If this false return signal is at the correct frequency and the same pulse repetition frequency (PRF), it confuses the laser gun. Radar gun manufacturers approach the traffic problem in different ways: some radar guns simply show the speed of the fastest moving car, and others can show the speed of three or four cars simultaneously. One of the recent features that most major radar detectors have is to share information with other radar detector users through a community threat sharing application. A radar detector will alert you to the presence of a radar threat so that you have time to slow down before the police officer can visually confirm that you were accelerating.

Commercial radar detectors are basically passive, disassembled versions of police radar guns. Most custom-installed high-end radar detectors come with laser blockers, and stand-alone systems are also available, designed to be used in parallel with a windshield-mounted radar detector.To do this, the radar detector must be connected to your smartphone so that you can download and use the associated application of your detector, such as Cobra iRadar, Waze or Escort Live; likewise, you must have GPS installed. This is why police officers are more inclined to use speed radar guns that operate in the Ka-band, and this is also why you should send your radar detector for an upgrade or upgrade to a more high-tech one.The radar beam coming from an officer's radar gun is huge, approximately 200 feet in diameter at a normal target distance of 1000 feet.

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