Are radar detectors legal in spain?

Until recently, radar detection technology was legal when driving in Spain. However, as of May of this year, radar detectors are illegal, as they are said to interfere with speed monitoring systems. The Spanish Congress of Deputies approved last Wednesday a measure that makes it a crime to use a GPS device (a, k, a. satellite navigation) at the wheel.

The provision appeared as part of broader legislation designed to update the traffic code with measures that encourage motorists to pay fines without contestation. Radar detectors are already illegal in Spain. But because satellite navigation devices come as factory options in most modern vehicles, officials couldn't easily ban their ownership. Instead, government ministers proposed restricting the use of GPS, as devices are increasingly loaded with maps that warn motorists of places where speed cameras are used.

In Spain, the DGT currently uses radars, microwaves, lasers, fixed-distance segments and airborne speed detectors. law enforcement often uses Doppler radar through portable radar guns, vehicles, or fixed objects, such as traffic signals. Despite the advent of LIDAR speed detection, radar is still more prevalent due to its lower price and the number of radar equipment already in service. In many countries it is illegal to sell or own any product that actively transmits radar signals with the intention of blocking radar equipment.

A radar detector is an electronic device used by motorists to detect if their speed is being monitored by police or police with a radar gun. The superheterodyne receiver in radar detectors has a local oscillator that radiates slightly, so it is possible to build a radar detector, which detects such emissions (usually the frequency of the type of radar being detected, plus about 10 MHz). The most serious punishment of all goes to anyone convicted of trying to thwart a speed camera with a radar or laser jamming device or a radar detector. However, false alarms can occur due to the large number of devices, such as automatic door openers (such as those in supermarkets and pharmacies), speed signs, blind spot monitoring systems, poorly designed radar detectors and adaptive cruise control, which operate on the same part of the electromagnetic specter like radar guns.

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