WideCells Group


Welcome to WideCells Group Science

We pour commitment, passion and a drive for perfection in every human tissue we bank. Our WideCells business is leading the way in the development and use of cell banking services that will help set the standard for the future.


WideCells is the most established arm of the Group, which has historically offered stem cell processing, retrieval and storage services in Spain and Portugal. The Group has been offering umbilical cord stem cells processing and storage services under its BabyCells brand in Portugal since early 2014.

The Group is in the process of establishing and licensing collection, storage and processing facilities at its laboratory at UMIC, which is designed to apply industry-leading techniques to optimise the viability and usability of stem cells, and is well positioned to capture an increasing share of the cord blood banking market in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

Through WideCells Brasil, WideCells is also providing its services in Brazil. WideCells Brasil operates a stem cell laboratory in São Paulo, Brazil, licensed by the Brazilian regulatory authority, the Agência Naciónal de Vigilância Sanitáría (ANVISA).

As such, the company is positioned to store stem cells for individuals anywhere along the age spectrum. With this approach, the directors believe WideCells Group has the potential to grow into a global provider of stem cell services.