WideCells Group


WideAcademy is the education and training division of the WideCells Group. It aspires to advocate, develop and share thought leadership around stem cell technology, influencing the coming wave of stem cell therapies and the next generation of practitioners.

The driving principle for WideAcademy is to bring thought leadership, advocacy and education around stem cell therapies to a global audience. Many of the world’s general practitioners have not been taught about stem cell innovation and the best practice around therapies whilst at medical school. Similarly, the next generation of doctors and nurses will have little formal education in this exciting and innovative sector of medicine. Given that the insurance industry will be a key partner in facilitating a program of insurance to support this innovative medical practice, (and, ultimately, the wellbeing of their customers). Then there is an urgent case for best practice to be communicated efficiently, objectively and pragmatically, deflecting jargon, and ultimately becoming the trustworthy partner in this journey.