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Our proposition is simple: we want to help the cord blood banking industry solve their problems through innovative insurance and finance solutions.

CellPlan is the world’s first global stem cell healthcare plan, designed to revolutionise stem cell healthcare by making stem cell transplants affordable for families who require treatment for life threatening diseases.


The company is committed to provided a solution to a major problem in the cord blood banking market. Worldwide, around three million people have stored their newborn’s umbilical cord blood, which contains potentially life saving stem cells, in over 500 cord blood banks to protect their families against future illness. But future treatments, if required, can cost up hundreds of thousands of pounds meaning the majority of families will not be able to afford the treatment.

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CellPlan not only gives families the opportunity to safeguard their future, by providing cover for those who store stem cells, but also includes several services to help patients obtain the right diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan.

In addition to providing medical and financial support for families requiring stem cell treatment, CellPlan also includes a unique global membership programme, called Excel, for cord blood banks.

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