WideCells Group


Our Mission

To provide individuals and families access to affordable
stem cell treatments globally.

Our Values

  1. Be Science-Based

    Our success depends on scientific innovation, integrity, rational decision-making and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business through the application of the scientific method. Applying the scientific method in all parts of the WideCells Group PLC is expected and highly valued.

  2. Win Always,
    With Integrity

    We compete intensely to rapidly achieve high quality results. We are always looking to raise the bar and push back the boundaries of possibility, taking risks and never resting on previous achievements. And in everything we do, we maintain high ethical standards and demand integrity in our dealings with competitors, customers, partners and each other. We are relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to our products, services and communications.

  3. Create Value for Families,
    Colleagues and Investors

    We provide value by focusing on the needs of families. WideCells Group PLC creates a work environment that provides opportunities for staff members to reach their full potential. We strive to provide investors with superior long-term returns while balancing the needs of families, colleagues and investors.

  4. Trust and Respect
    Each Other

    Every job at WideCells Group PLC is important and every WideCells Group staff member is important. We attract diverse, capable and committed people and provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, individual responsibility and values diversity. Trust is strengthened through personal initiative and by obtaining quality results rapidly.

  5. Ensure Quality

    Quality is a cornerstone of all of our activities. We seek the highest quality information, decisions and people. We produce high quality products and services. Quality is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

  6. Work in Teams

    Our diverse teams work together across our companies and generate the best decisions for families, colleagues and investors. Our team structure provides opportunities for WideCells Group staff to impact the direction of the organisation, to gain broader perspective about other functions within WideCells Group and to reach their full potential.

  7. Collaborate, Communicate
    and Be Accountable

    Leaders at WideCells Group PLC seek input and involve key stakeholders in important decisions. In gathering input, strong leaders will welcome diverse opinions, conflicting views and open dialogue for serious consideration. They will clearly communicate decisions and rationale openly and in a timely manner. Once a decision is made, the leader and members of the team will all be accountable for the results and for implementing the decision rapidly.

R&D & Innovation

At WideCells Group PLC, science drives success.

Our world-class expertise, investment in sound and precise science, and…

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Social Responsibility

We are committed to positively impacting the lives of families with blood disorders. Our research & development is held to the highest standards of scientific and ethical rigor and we strive to implement programs and...

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Code of Conduct

Integrity is a core value at WideCells Group PLC and lies at the heart of everything we do. We aim to make a difference—for families, medical professionals, organizations, the broader healthcare community and all...

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