WideCells Group

What we do

We are leading a transformation in cord blood banking and stem cell treatment; making cord blood banking more accessible through insurance coverage, and increasing the availability of cord blood for transplants.

WideCells Group PLC Thinking

WideCells Group PLC blends a unique business model with an expert team to bring promising cord blood banking and stem cell therapy from the lab to the real world of family healthcare protection.

We founded WideCells Group PLC to leverage that expertise to create a truly unique, wholly sustainable group of companies; complementing each other and all striving to positively shape the future of the industries we work in.

We help the cord blood banking and stem cell treatment
community push the field of blood disease healthcare forward in
the following ways:

Families first.

We bring accessibility and affordability to the treatment of blood diseases, and help make stem cell healing a reality for families by providing the first global stem cell healthcare plan.


We leverage our extensive cord blood banking experience using our growing knowledgebase of information about the treatment of blood diseases, and leading technology to provide cell-banking services for a wide range of human tissues.


We collaborate with universities and researchers to assist in the development and delivery of stem cell training courses for healthcare professionals.

Global reach.

We are extending stem cell markets to other countries with Brazil being a current target.